These Mikuni BS38 are killing me


I have the motor running fine. Changed the stock mufflers to short sportster style mufflers (picture will come later). All of a sudden the bike only fire one cylinder. Could it be the new mufflers doing this because of wrong air/fuel mixture? Not likely.

After gone through it all (spark, plug, fuel, timing, bla, bla, bla) I find the diaphragm in one of the carbs out of its place. According to the fantastic supplier jbm industries (fast service and good quality products) you do not need to glue the new diaphragm but I say you MUST do it if you dont want the whole throttle to spin with the result of no fuel or wrong amount of fuel to the cylinder.

The Kawasaki KZ750 Twin runs quite good on only one cylinder (about half the normal power and half the normal speed – 80 km/h maybe). Not fast but it is no problem going to the mall and buy some beer if you want to and can handle the clutch smoothly.

I have now approximately taken down the carbs 25 times in one year. Thank god for the K&N pod filters. Now I can move forward with my “to do” list.

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